The School

To the north is Enskär. (This used to be a separate island, but due to the gradual rising of the ground it is now a part of the main island). The yellow stone building is the school. Utö school started up in 1884 as the first school in Korpo. The reason for this was that, as early as the end of the 19th century, pilots were required to be able to read and write. To ensure that sons could get their fathers´ jobs as pilots, the families on Utö and Jurmo started a school of their own.

Today the language of instruction is Finnish. 2006 there was 9 pupils and 2007 13 pupils. The school building is a symbol of the past and of continuity, whereas the new building below it is a sign of modern times. It has a station that reinforces the signal in the optic cable of the Internet connection. The cable connection of the school on Utö is now one of the quickest and most modern in the country.